The 5 Minute Routine To Destroy Procrastination: The Time Boxing Technique

Here's the thing... Most millionaires and billionaires on the planet don't use traditional to-do lists.

Why? Because it doesn't take time or priorities into account.

Instead, they use a system that Harvard Business Review called "The Most Effective Way To Increase Productivity."

What is this secret system, used by Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Jack Dorsey and more...?

It's called Time Boxing.

And using it, you can beat procrastination and distraction in less than 5 minutes a day, starting now!

Harvard Business Review Time Boxing Screenshot

What is Time Boxing?

This technique is a simple, quick, and easy way to 'box' out your time and prioritize your day. 

Using Time Boxing, you organize your time to tackle your most important tasks every day by setting aside a certain amount of time for you to complete your tasks.

Your only duty in that set time is to complete that task.

This gives you a self-imposed deadline and dramatically improves your focus, forcing you to take on each task one at a time, eliminating distractions and boosting your productivity.

Now, why does this work?

  • Assigning deadlines to your tasks reduces the urge to procastinate
  • Working on one task at a time allows you to focus for longer periods of time
  • It gives structure to your day, and puts you in full control of your time

Finishers Journal daily page

How you can use Time Boxing

Inspired by Benjamin Franklin's planner, the daily pages of Finisher's Journal enable you to Time Box your day using the traditional method of pen and paper.

Here's how you use them:

  1. Identify your most important tasks for the day on the left
  2. On the right, after filling in any meetings or events, you Time Box your tasks for the day, allocating uninterrupted time to your most important tasks

Even better, this whole process takes less than 5 minutes per day!

Now, you may have used bullet journaling in the past. If so, then you know there are certain ways you can check off your to-do list.

For the Finisher's Journal, we have 4 suggested ways to check off or defer tasks:

  1. Show completed tasks by blocking out the box
  2. Using an arrow to move them to another day
  3. Delete tasks by putting an X
  4. Show a task needs to be completed by coloring in half of the box

The secret hack to getting the most out of this system?

We recommend Time Boxing your three most important tasks for the day. This helps you to get the most out of your time and keep full focus on moving towards your goals.

Finishers Journal daily page with tasks marked off

Get started with Time Boxing now

Join the thousands of entrepreneurs are using the Finisher's Journal right now to improve their productivity and revenue by up to 300%.

With Finisher's Journal, you get three month's worth of Time Boxing pages, along with many other productivity tools to destroy procrastination, build success habits, and achieve your goals fast.

Finishers Journal Kills Procrastination

Not sure if you're ready to take the plunge and want to try out the Time Boxing system before you grab your Finisher's Journal? 

Download your FREE one-day single page, direct from the Finisher's Journal, by clicking the link below.

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  • Can’t wait to give my time structure and purpose.

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